Improve your Rank by Improving your Content Readability Score

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When Google is clear about its perception about engaging your viewers for more time on your website, you should start working on how to get it done. Find below few strategies that would help you improve website engagement for your Search Engine Optimization needs.

Make the posts relatively easier to read

You should be rest assured that good formatting would help you engage more viewers to your website. It would improve the readability of your page, whereby improving your engagement rate. Some of the formatting tactics have been given below.

  1. Short paragraphs

Limiting your paragraphs to two to three sentences would improve the readability score. However, you should use it sparingly.

  1. Short sentences

You should be rest assured that longer sentences would be hard to follow and understand. The viewer may not be able to find the link somewhere in between the sentence. Break longer sentences into shorter ones to improve readability.

  1. Sub headings

Using informative and easy to understand sub-heading points would be useful for people scanning the web page for useful information.

  1. Bullet points

Bifurcate ample of data into bullet points. It would make the point relatively clear to the viewer and appear neat on the screen.