What are the Risks of People Getting High Glucose Levels?

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As most of you out there reading this, will already know, high glucose levels in blood tests are commonly understood to greatly increase someone’s risk for diabetes. Also, in pregnant women, they can display a distinct increase in the development of a dangerous condition known as pre-eclampsia, which can go on to harm both mother and the unborn child.

All of this has been well documented by those in the medical community, and anybody who has high levels may find it necessary to be subjected to dietary modifications or the taking of medication to assist in controlling these high levels and should certainly go on to buy a glucose device. Even more recent medical research has gone on to show additional risks to anyone who is displaying high glucose levels.

Data Concerns

In a 2002 study, which was published in the American journal Neurology, it showed that patients who had high glucose levels that had suffered a stroke were at an increased risk of suffering another stroke if those levels were not brought down and under control. Death rates after an initial stroke were significantly higher in those patients with high glucose.

In this study, an examination of a group of over 500 patients showed that 40% of patients suffering their first stroke had high glucose levels and additional mortality in this group had surged. Also, the patients were deemed more than likely to have complications after a stroke, and were more inclined to spend much more time in hospital after a stroke. This study clearly indicated that a solid reduction in glucose levels can also reduce any chance of developing a stroke.

Increase in Numbers

A later study, which was published in 2005, in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found that people with high glucose levels were at an increased risk of developing cancer. A higher rate of death for all cancers, around 29%, was also noted in these patients, as well as an increased risk of cancer of the pancreas, oesophagus, liver, cervix, and colon.

In the United States at the University of California (San Francisco) it was evaluated that women with high glucose levels were at more risk of developing dementia or mental impairment with aging. This study, which was published in 2006, exhibited a definite correlation between glucose and dementia in females. Unquestionably, their findings suggest that women with high levels of glucose will increase the possibilities of developing dementia by up to 40%.

Annual Test

Such studies clearly display that regular scrutiny of blood sugar, and control of high glucose, will definitely assist in decreasing one’s chances of several very serious maladies. They definitely show that anyone, especially those who are over the age of 40, should have annual blood glucose tests to ensure in ruling out diabetes, and the development of greater risk factors for stroke, cancer, and cognitive impairment.

We all need to stay as healthy as we can, so ensure staying clear of anything which can do you any harm.